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What We Do

Tax Credits

Our expertise in securing federal, state, and local tax credits and abatements brings substantial sources to your capital stack. Many of our privately-developed projects obtain more than 90% of their funding from public sources.

Private Equity Investments

We are actively engaged in the acquisition and adaptive reuse of abandoned or otherwise underutilized historic mill, factory, office, hotel, warehouse, and apartment buildings. We are particularly interested in historic buildings with structural deficiencies or environmental hazards requiring remediation, abatement, and restoration. Ideal properties are located in or adjacent to urban areas and sized from fifty thousand to one million square feet.

Historic Certification

We have obtained federal and state parts one, two, and three historic certification on dozens of properties. We take a proactive approach in working with the National Parks Service and state historic preservation offices to head-off potential issues before they arise, saving projects months of valuable time.

Government Relationships

We manage relationships with municipalities during all stages of project development, from site selection to certificate of occupancy straight through into the operational period. 


We start early in the pre-development process, developing relationships to ensure timely receipt of planning, zoning, and other entitlements. We obtain and manage local project counsel where necessary. 

Public Policy

We utilize our extensive professional experience as developers of large, complex, challenging real estate projects to advocate for beneficial changes to laws and policies affecting the availability of affordable housing and the preservation historic buildings.